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April 2018 - Equine Fund #1

The Talent Fund [EQUINEFUND#1] operates through our wholly owned subsidiary:
Creditas Capital (Investments) Ltd, in association with www.equineindemnity.com.

Headed by:
- Group Chairman & CEO, Lee Jones - equine investor;
- Fund development director, Michael Whitaker - international showjumper & Olympian.

This pedigree and depth of equestrian, technology and investment experience, is the key ingredient that gave rise to the creation of what aims to be one of the Worlds’ most robust long term private equine funds, that unlike typical investment funds isn’t reliant on third party investment capital, the whim of the capital markets or onus regulation.

To qualify, new or developing talent must demonstrate raw ability, present success indicators and possess an ability, and not least of all a strong desire, to learn and succeed in the sport. We’re also open to world class established riders with aligned aspirations. By accepting lead sponsorship and being willing to be active international brand ambassadors for the group, all riders must also demonstrate an ability to fund their own day to day full time professional showjumping operations.

A small number of sponsorship packages will be initially created, each ranging between £500,000 and £2,000,000 to fund horses [only], open to successful applicants based within the UK, Eurozone and North America each of whom demonstrate all the required attributes
and help promote our equineindemnity.com brand proposition and produce horses to a high standard.

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